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From time to time, we have an overstock of some scents in our inventory.  These blends are discontinued scents or ones we made too much of for our convention season.

You can purchase the following scents at a discount:


Name Scent
221B Baker Street cuban tobacco pear tea
Alluring Ms Ivy english ivy & bergamot
Canary rosemary mint spritzer
Defying Gravity cool basil citrus
I'm Weird rock road ice cream
Little Brother citron amber patchouli clove myrrh
Mystery and Macabre black currant absinthe
Mudders Milk cinnamon clove nutmeg amaretto
My Soul Will Still Be Yours strawberry pine
Ostara of the Dawn blueberry rosemary lavender peach
Saileen cucumber melon strawberry champagne
Salt & Burn salted caramel
Suby apple orange
The Babysitter cranberry pine
The Good Place clothes line fresh lemon
Vervain lavender rosemary peach
What the Cuss pumpkin cheesecake
Wizard Celebration butterscotch cookie dough