Family Business, Spiced Apple Pie Blend

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What does the Family Business smell like? We imagine it to include a spiced apple pie to help fill the belly of those feisty hunters. This Supernatural perfume blend has a range of familiar baking spices along with the sweetness of mouth watering apples. In addition to adding the goodness of apple pie to your makeup bag, it is a great gift for fans of all things supernatural and bump in the night.

You can purchase this blend in several forms:

Candles: Made with paraffin-soy wax for maximum scent when the candle is burned. Centered with a wood wick that provides a cleaner burn and gives a beautiful crackling noise while lit. Always follow the candle safety and care advice on the candle label and product care card. Learn more.Room/Body Spray: Made with a witch hazel, distilled water, and fragrance oil. Learn More >>

Diffuser Scent Vials: These 1ml vials include enough oil to scent our car air diffuser clips anywhere from 4-8 weeks based on amount poured, vehicle size, temperature, etc. Your scent vial will come with a random colored felt pad. These are a greater strength than our perfume oils. Use in diffusers only.