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Solid perfume sticks are a great way to carry a perfume especially if you are a person on the go.  These sticks are light weight and can easily slip into a pocket like your favorite tube of lip sheer.

Your tube will be .2oz of perfume (roughly the same size as our lip balm sticks).   

To use: Pop the cap, twist the tube, and rub the perfume stick onto your favorite areas to wear perfume! This formula is made with many of the same ingredients as our other products so the oils will sink into your skin without leaving residue.

Ingredients: Our solid perfume uses vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients. Ingredients include candelilla wax, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, safflower oil and fragrance oil. Despite using similar ingredients and looking similar to our lip balms, this product is not lip safe. The scenting oils used in solid perfume is not the same as lip balm therefore it should never be used as a lip balm. Read more about this product on our blog.

Available Scents 

Name Scent
Asgard's Finest Mead oak barrel cider
Balls rosewood maplewood clove
Bitch whiskey cherry pie
Bite Me raspberry vanilla patchouli
Charming Serpent butterscotch rum milkshake
Dean's Baby cedar leather old spice vanilla
Demon Blood blood orange
Destiel honey whiskey cherry pie
Get This Man a Shield amber bay musk
Glorious Purpose lemon lime vanilla
Grace of Castiel violet vanilla chrysanthemum
Grace of Chuck rosewood apple white amber
Grace of Gabe sweet fruit rosewood musk
Grace of Lucifer pomegranate
Higher Faster Further ozone citrus jasmine freesia rose vanilla
Hunter cucumber melon
Idjit flannel rustic woods
Lord & Lady of the Night sea air citrus apple tea
Love Potion peach cherry blossom
Mermaid Splash ocean paradise
Muchness strawberry taffy
My Best Girl sweet pea berry pear musk woods
Nephilim apricot honey saffron spice
Parabatai sea air citrus ozone amber black musk
Phoenix Feathers cinnamon clove orange
Protomolecule arctic air mint
Queen of Hearts raspberry plum tart
Sabriel strawberry rosewood musk
She Glanced This Way dew ozone jasmine cassis musk
Souls of My Enemies bergamot black plum clove cardamom mahogany
Tears of My Enemies sea moss ocean lily lime mint palm musk
The Colt gunpowder charcoal tonka
Vampire Kiss pomegranate prosecco
Wayward cranberry
Wise Old Wizard mango lemon coconut vanilla
Sam's Fancy Shampoo rosemary grapefruit lemongrass
j2 Hugs citrus peppercorn jasmine patchouli, cedar vetiver labdanum frankincense  
I Am a Winchester birch, gunsmoke and marshmallow
God Hugs vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood
Captain Hook salty sea air and bay rum
Winnowing anise, green tea, mint, and fennel
Trickster lollipops and vanilla bean