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Since we are discontinuing roller balls this year, we wanted to give you the ability to buy your favorite blends until supplies run out. All blends that we have existing art for will be on sale while supplies last.  You can purchase the following scents:


Name Scent
A 10 is Speaking Maple cherry milkshake
A Charming Serpent butterscotch rum milkshake
A Signature Look soda pop float
Asgard's Finest Mead oak barrel cider
Assbutt honey vanilla
Bitchin maple syrup pancakes
Bitch whiskey cherry pie
Bite Me raspberry vanilla patchouli
Captain Cold candy cane
Captain Hook bay rum sea air
Dean's Baby old spice leather cedar vanilla
Defying Gravity citrus basil
Demogorgon orange chocolate almond
Demon Blood blood orange
Dream Hunter carnation vanila
Excellent Businesswoman rose vanilla musk
Family Business spiced apple pie
Get This Man a Shield bay amber
Glorious Purpose lemon lime vanila
Grace of Castiel chysanthemum violet vanilla
Grace of Chuck rosewood apple musk
Grace of Gabe fruit rosewood musk
Happy Unbirthday lemon tea cake
Howl at the Moon wilderness
Hunter (Eileen) cucumber melon
I Don't Understand That Reference angel heart musk
I Sing Alone vanilla cake milkshake
Iconic Ponytail chocolate strawberry milkshake
Idjit flannel woods
Im Weird rocky road ice cream
Jerk strawberry mint
Just As Sane As You Are carnation rose patchouli
Ketch-able iris neroli musk
King of Hell chocolate cherry saffron smoke
Lord & Lady of the Night citrus sea air apple earl grey
Love Potion peach cherry blossom
Magical Girl watermelon
Mermaid Splash ocean paradise
My Father Will Hear About This spiced citrus apple
My Unicorn mango
Pan galactic Gargle Blaster bourbon brown sugar lemon
Phoenix Feathers orange cinnamon clove
Queen of Hearts raspberry plum tart
Riddle Me This orange caramel
Spoilers fruit floral musk
The Babysitter cranberry pine
The Fez apple coconut custard
Timey Wimey rose lily musk
Tower of Lions fireplace embers vanilla
Vampire Kiss promegranate prsecco
Vervain rosemary lavender peach
Vibranium Flowers blackberry green tea
Wayward cranberry
Wicked Always Wins lime vanilla
Wizarding Candies salt water taffy
Wizarding Celebration buttersotch cookie dough
Wizarding Winter holiday spices
World's Worst Dad coffee vanilla