Meg Masters Inspired Cosplay Necklace

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This Supernatural Meg Masters necklace is designed for many audiences in mind. First, it is inspired by the piece that Meg wore in Supernatural; however, it is fantastic for anybody who enjoys necklaces that contain symbolism and meaning. 15% from every sale will go to our quarterly charity donation.

There are four components to this necklace.

1. Thai Buddhist Clay Amulet - These travelled to me from Thailand and I've been told that they are blessed. These amulets (I've been told) are often worn to protect the wearer from evil. The amulets range in size from 1-1.5" (see the ruler in picture 2) and their thickness can go up to .5" since there is a little clay slab on the inside. The overall pendant length can go up to 3" as shown in Picture 4.

2. Chinese Coin - These coins are Ch'ing Dynasty. They each have their own story of wear and tear. I have left these in their original state as best I could. Coins are often worn for luck and prosperity.

3. Silver Pewter Lotus - The lotus is a traditional symbol. In Buddhism, it relates to enlightenment.

4. (faux) Coral Charm - You can choose between a Buddha (often worn as another protection symbol), an elephant or rose. **We are currently out of the Buddha charm.**

The necklace cord is cut to 40" so that it can be adjusted to your preferences. The end of the necklace is not knotted so that you can choose to wear it long or short.

There will never be two identical necklaces. The coins and amulets all are one of a kind by nature.

Product Details
  • Materials: Each necklace features a unique Thai amulet, pewter lotus charm, faux coral buddha bead, and Chinese coin
  • I hand cut all cords so you may see small variations in length or assembly.