I Love You 3000, Coconut & Metal

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Tastes like coconut.  And Metal! - Iron Man 2

Blend Components: raw coconut, cocoa bean, brown sugar, butter cream, lemon leaf, citron nuances, vanilla extract, amber and metal undertones

This candle is featured in a mason jar with drip dye down its sides.  Each color of the drip dye represents the Infinity stones. Because of how this jar is made, we can only offer it in the mason jar style.  Due to the nature of drip dying, your candle wax may vary in color. When the wax is poured, sometimes it pulls colors from the dye on the sides. This effect also may happen when you burn your candle as well.

You can purchase this blend in several forms:

Candles: Our candles are made with a soy and paraffin wax blend to give you a great scent when the candle is burned. Each candle is centered with a wood wick that provides a cleaner burn and gives you a beautiful crackling noise while lit. Always follow the candle safety and care advice on the candle label, product care card and our website.Room/Body Spray: Made with a witch hazel base, our sprays are formulated so you can use them as both an air freshener and body spray. Witch hazel is an age old natural astringent and helps the fragrance oils blend with the water and disperse in the air.


Product Notes
  • Made in a kitchen that also makes foods with nuts and other allergens.
  • Products that are used cannot be returned due to safety and health concerns.
  • Due to the nature of hand blending colored wax, there may be some variation in color from the picture.
  • Due to the use of natural products (soy), you may see some occurrences like frosting on your candles. Because we use soy in our candles and wax melts, they do react to things in our environment like temperature. Frosting, for example, is completely natural and will not impact the way your candle burns.
  • Bath and body products with broken safety seals cannot be returned due to safety and health concerns.
  • Use externally only. Do not drink. Do not apply around your eyes.
  • Please review all ingredients before applying any of our perfumes and lip balms.
  • Alcohol free. Phthalate free.