Custom Candle & Wax Melt Blend

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Looking for a blend and can't quite find what you need? You can create your own custom blend! Just pick up to 3 oils for me to blend along with your wax and glitter color. You get to name your scent blend as well.

You can purchase these in several forms.

Candles: Glittered jars made with a soy-paraffin blend for maximum hot & cold scent throw. Wood wicked for a cleaner, longer burn while giving off a soothing crackle. Find more information about our candles, care and safety here >> Candle samples will not have glitter and are not always dyed.

Wax Melts:Soy wax melts are easy to use. You simply break off a piece of the cube tray and put into your wax warmer. The heat will melt the cube and release the fragrance. We find to get the most use out of your wax tarts that you should turn off the warmer once the fragrance fills the air. Doing this, we've been able to get our wax melts to last 6-10 hours (sometimes more). Your wax melt cubes are hand poured using earth friendly, soy wax. Our melts are made from soy so that we can provide you with a more natural, clean product for you and your family.