Wax Melt Flash Sale Old Labels




This is for a flash sale of all of our wax melts with our old branding!  You will receive a 3oz soy wax melt pack for each purchased.

Badger Basement – old blend of bamboo cypruss
Bookish – leather bound books
Cantina – spicy musk
Captain Hook – salty sea air and bay rum
Charming Disposition – country fields
Cisco Ramon – fizzy soda
Evil Queen’s Lament – merlot
Exterminate – citronella lemongrass
Femme Fatale – cinnamon clove
For the Love of Jim – smoked cherry, sandalwood amber musk
Grannys – raspberry jam
Love Potion – peach cherry blossom
Magical Girl – wild watermelon
Missy – black currant rooibos tea
Mother of Dragons – spiced bread
Nasty Women – currants and dry cassis
Oh Brilliant – berry champagne
Penguin vs Fish – midnight lounge
Queen of Hearts – raspberry tart
Runaway Bride – baked cake
Slytherin Dungeon – coriander citrus
Snow White Sleep – chamomile lavender
Sweet Christmas – mulled fruits
Tea with Minerva – green tea
The Fez – apple coconut custard
The Upside Down – amberwood moss (old formula)
The Wayne Fortune – honey dark chocolate
Time Travel Brew – chocolate caramel coffee
Tower of Eagles – books and green tea
Tower of Lions – fireplace embers and vanilla
Vampire Kiss – pomegranate prosecco
Wicked Always Wins – vanilla lime
Wizard Celebrations – butterscotch cookie dough
Wonderland – peach cilantro