Nerdtastic Scents Tealight Sampler Pack


Tealight sampler pack.  Pick your scents.

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Nerdtastic Scents Tealight Sampler Pack

Want to try before you buy?  Pick any six of our nerdtastic scents for our tealight sampler pack.  We’ll send you an individually sealed tealight so you can try out your blend before you buy.  Tea lights can also be purchased individually from each of our blend pages.  You do not have to purchase a set of 6.

Our candles are made with a paraffin and soy wax blend to give you a great scent when the candle is burned.  To help maintain your candle and get optimal use, we always recommend trimming your candle wicks and to burn until their is an inch of wax melted before blowing it out.  Be sure to always follow the candle safety instructions listed on the bottom of the product and on our website.  Learn more about candle care to get the most from your product and to learn best practice safety.

221B Baker St – pear tea and cuban tobacco
Advanced Placement – salty sea air
Alluring Miss Ivy – bergamot and ivy
Arrows Island – rustic woods
Asgards Finest Mead – oak barrel cider
Assbutt – honey vanilla
Bad Wolf – spiced rose
Badger Basement – bamboo cyprus
Balls – maplewood sandalwood clove
Bitch – whiskey cherry pie
Bite Me – raspberry vanilla patchouli
Captain Cold – candy cane
Captain Hook – bay rum and salty sea air
Captain Tight Pants – rosewood musk
Cauldron Cake – chocolate cake
Charming Disposition – country fields
Cisco Ramon – fizzy soda
Court of Owls – muscadine wine
Cup of Soup – ramen soup
Deal with Rumple – red saffron
Deans Baby – old spice, leather and vanilla
Dessert with 10 – banana split
Desserts with Belle – chocolate cake and rose
Dinner at the Burrow – spiced bread
Dungeon of Snakes – citrus coriander
Elevensies – bacon
Evil Queens Lament – merlot wine
Femme Fatale – cinnamon clove
For The Love of Jim – smoked cherry, sandalwood amber musk
Freezes Motivation – wintergreen apple strawberry
Gotham Nights – smoked cognac, cuban tobacco, vanilla
Grace of Castiel – vanilla violet chrysanthemum
Grace of Chuck – apple, white amber, rosewood
Grace of Gabe – fruity rosewood musk
Grace of Lucifer – pomegranate
Grace of Metatron – pancakes and syrup
Grace of Michael – cinnamon
Grannys – raspberry jam
Harlequin – bubblegum and cookies
Hello Boys – smoked beach cocktails
Hidden Figures – dreamcatcher
I Dont Understand This Reference – angel heart musk
I Know – cedar, clove, amber, rosewood
I Love You – orange, carnation, rose sandalwood, patchouli
Idjit – flannel and rustic woods
Jerk – fresh herbs
Kowalski Bakery – cinnamon roll
Love Potion – peach cherry blossom
Lumbering Piles of Flannel – rustic lodge
Magical Girl – wild watermelon
Mommy Dearest – blackberry sage
Mr Pennyworth – apple earl grey tea
Mrs Weasleys Kitchen – cranberry cobbler
Nasty Women – cassis and currants
Nectar and Ambrosia – honey vanilla peach cilantro
Nevertheless She Persisted – rose and green tea
Pensieve – forget me not and citrus
Psych You Out – pineapple cilantro
Rebel General Princess – ozone marine citrus
Riddle Me This – caramel citrus
Runaway Bride – vanilla cake
Salt and Burn – salted caramel
Scarecrow – leaves clove mums
Snow White – chamomile lavender
So Get This – spices and herbs
Spoilers – fruit and floral bliss
Stardust – arctica
Swan Song – warm vanilla sugar
Sweet Christmas – mulled fruits and spices
Tea at Pemberley – black currant tea
Tea with Minerva – green tea
The Boy Who Lived – baby fresh
The Fez – apple coconut cream custard
The Forgotten Winchester – whiskey stone sour
The Upside Down – amberwood moss
The Wayne Fortune – chocolate honey
Time Travel Brew – chocolate caramel coffee
Timey Wimey – rose jasmine lily musk
Together Breakfast – popcorn strawberry pancakes
Tower of Eagles – book leather and green tea
Tower of Lions – fireplace embers and vanilla
Wayward Sheriff – roasted oatmeal stout
What the Cuss – pumpkin cheesecake
Wicked Always Wins – vanilla lime
Winter is Coming – snowy evergreen
Winter Soldier – crisp winter morning
Wise Old Wizard – lemon mango vanilla coconut
Wizarding Candies – salt water taffy
Wizarding Celebration – butterscotch cookie dough
Woman of Letters – hipster hangout
Wonderland – peach cilantro
Zelenas Story – ginger and prosecco

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