Privacy Policy

We want all of our customers to feel confident and comfortable when using your website.  We want you to know that all of your information is never used for any purpose other than to fulfill your orders and to contact you in regards to your orders.  We will never rent or sell your personal data for marketing or other purposes.

Who We Are and Why we Collect Your Data

  • Why do we collect your data?
    • Your data is collected for the purpose of order fulfillment and history. Other areas of our website such as the reward program and mailing list are optional sign ups which your information is stored for email delivery/order purposes.  Your mailing and email information is passed through to several companies for order fulfillment and business reporting: Abandoned Carts, PayPal, Square, Shipstation and
  • Where do we store your data?
    • Our website is hosted on a secure server with DreamHost, our website host.  We utilize tools such as Woocommerce and WordPress to collect that data and store it.
  • How long do you keep our data?
    • We store all order information in our system permanently for accurate historical order information; however, you can delete your user account at any time from your profile in our system.
  • How do I delete my data?
    • You can delete your user account from our website at any time on your account page.  You can unsubscribe from our mailing list by using this link.  Please be aware that even though you delete your user data, your historical order information will be kept on our servers for accuracy and future troubleshooting.
  • Who do I contact about my data questions?