About Us

42 Nerdtastic Place opened it's virtual doors in the autumn of 2014 as an Etsy shop making dictionary jewelry and fandom coasters. Over the years, inspiration has helped evolved everything into what you see now.


Our Story

You know the drill! Once a nerd, always a nerd. Amanda started her love for fandoms like many of you: as child being introduced to the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and the X-Men. She also has always had a love of artistic and crafty endeavors which has helped created a perfect storm of inspiration, ambition and determination to make art a living. After moving to the Chicago-land area, Amanda needed a hobby and started putting her designs online.  As interest grew, she started bringing her designs to local comicons and things took off from there allowing her to quit the corporate world in 2016 and turn Nerdtastic into a full time job.

2017 also brought a rebrand. 42 Nerdtastic Place was named to be more of a one-stop-nerdy-shop.  We wanted the feel to be of a place you would go to when shopping for your Hogwarts school list or a place you might go to cozy up to fellow enthusiasts.  To help build community, we also opened our Facebook group to bring like minded individuals together.

Our Gratitude and Thanks

Thank YOU! This shop is a work of love and passion for those interests that excite us.  Your constant support whether it's at comicons or on social media keeps things going.  Without you, Amanda could not be a work at home mom to three amazing children: Noelle, Livia and Killian.  Time is precious when it comes to kids and we appreciate everything you let us do daily.  These kiddos thank you too.


Much love and good journeys!
-Amanda and the Gang (which is sometimes Mallory (social media helper), Noelle (table helper), Livia (table helper and inventory counter), Killian (the reason I have to keep my work space organized))