Angel Wing Coffee Mug Candle

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This mug is a preorder. It can take 6-8 weeks for this to ship. The kids are shipped to us from the UK sonitvtakes several weeks to get to us.

One of our favorite scenes from Good Omens was Aziraphale reading the book of prophecies. We found an angel wing mug that looks pretty similar to the one he used and decided to have them imported from the UK to create mug candles for you. 

You can select from our most popular scents to fill your mug. Each cup has approximately 10oz of wax which burns around 50-70 hours.  Your cup can be cleaned out after burning to use for sipping your tea, coffee or cocoa while reading the prophecies of the Apocalypse.

You can choose between the following scents.

  • Cocoa & Toasted Marshmallow (pictured0
  • Aziraphale: earl grey, apple, almond (white wax & gold glitter)
  • Crowley: whiskey, brimstone, cognac (dark red wax & red glitter)
  • Grace of Castiel: vanilla, violet, chrysanthemum (white wax & blue glitter)
  • Grace of Chuck: rosewood, apple, white amber (white wax & silver glitter)
  • Grace of Gabe: sweet fruit, rosewood, musk (white wax & gold glitter)
  • Grace of Lucifer: pomegranate (white wax & purple glitter)
  • World's Worst Dad: coffee and vanilla (brown wax & bronze glitter)

Can take 2-3 weeks to ship because candles are poured based on the orders that come in. 

This is a special edition item. No discount codes can be used on it.