Stainless Steel Essential Oil Car Diffuser and Oil

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Want to bring your scents with you on the road?  Our 38mm stainless steel car diffuser clips to your air vent and will distribute your favorite oil as your car warms up. All of the diffusers have a shiny silver appearance.  They appear darker in some areas in the picture.

We have selected a list of our best selling scents for you to choose from with your clip.  These 1ml vials include enough oil to scent your clip anywhere from 4-8 weeks based on amount poured, vehicle size, etc. Your clip will come with a random colored felt pad. It may not be the exact same as the picture.

To Use:

  • Open your scent diffuser (they're magnetic) and remove the felt pad
  • Pour desired amount of oil on felt
  • Close your diffuser and place on the air vent in your car
  • Enjoy your scent as the air blows through your car
    • Everybody's vehicle is different.  In our SUV, we find the scent diffuses best when the heat is on.  We also use the entire vial.  We always recommend using a smaller amount first to find your desired scent balance.
  • When you are ready for a new scent, you can wash your felt pad.
    • Make sure the pad is dry before adding a new oil.
    • Any of your favorite essential oils can be used in the diffuser.

Because the diffuser is stainless steel, it will be rust and corrosion free.

Scent Options:

Dean's Baby Leather, Cedar, Old Spice, Vanilla
Demon Blood blood orange
Get This Man a Shield amber bay musk
Grace of Castiel vanilla, violet, chrysanthamum
Higher Further Faster ozone jasmine freesia citrus vanilla
Idjit flannel rustic woods
j2 Hugs citrus patchouli cedar vetiver labdanum
Lord & Lady of the Night citrus sea air earl grey tea
Love Potion peach cherry blossom
Phoenix Feathers cinnamon clove orange
Sabriel strawberry rosewood musk
The Family Business spiced apple pie
Wayward cranberry