Black Widow Bite, Minty Lip Balm

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When opening our minty lip balm, you are greeted by the swift bite of wintergreen. Wintergreen gives you a clean, crisp scent while opening your senses like peppermint. This minty lip balm is sure to leave your senses feeling like they received a superhero punch (but in a good way).

Our .20oz lip balms use easy to read ingredients. We want you to be confident in your products so we try to keep ingredients simple and clean for you. The base of our balms use coconut oil and cocoa butter that blend nicely into your skin. Our lip products are unflavored and unsweetened so that you aren't tempted to lick it off your lips.Ingredients: sunflower oil, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, coconut oil, safflower oil, flavor oilVegan friendly. Cruelty free.

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