Time Travel Brew Blend, Chocolate Caramel Coffee

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As of 11/13/19, this blend has been reforumlated. We recommend purchasing a tea light sample if you were a fan of our old version. We apologize for the inconvenience! The cost of supplies on the original fragrance oils was raised significantly so we've opted to reformulate to keep this blend cost effective for you.

Time travel can be tiring. We imagine our time travelers drink a rich and sweet coffee blend to keep up with all their adventures. Our 'Time Travel Brew' is a coffee wax melt that features a pleasant and comforting blend of chocolate, caramel and coffee.

You can purchase this blend in several forms:

Candles: Glittered jars made with a soy-paraffin blend for maximum hot & cold scent throw. Wood wicked for a cleaner, longer burn while giving off a soothing crackle. Find more information about our candles, care and safety here >>Wax Melts: 3oz pack made from soy wax. Each cube can be 6-10 hours of scent. Learn More >>