December Overstock Sale: Supernatural Candles

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This month's overstock sale features four blends that are 40% off.

    • Hello Boys - smoked beach cocktails
      • This blend is a retired Supernatural inspired scent
    • Mommy Dearest - blackberry sage
      • This blend is a retired Supernatural inspired scent
    • Purgatory - vailla fir moss cedar black currant musk
      • This is a retired Pride & Prejudice blend
    • Queen of Moons - lemon ginger tea
      • This is a retired Supernatural blend

    What is an overstock sale? We have a growing collection of scent oils and often need to clear out space to make new items. The overstock sale will feature limited items at a deep discount.  Due to the nature of this sale, no discounts can be used on these products.

    Our candles are made with a paraffin and soy wax blend to give you a great scent when the candle is burned. To help maintain your candle and get optimal use, we always recommend trimming your candle wicks and to burn until there is an inch of wax melted before blowing it out. Be sure to always follow the candle safety instructions listed on the bottom of the product and on our website.

    Product Notes
    • Made in a kitchen that also makes foods with nuts and other allergens.
    • Products that are used cannot be returned due to safety and health concerns.
    • For wax products:
      • Due to the nature of hand blending colored wax, there may be some variation in color from the picture.
      • Due to the use of natural products (soy), you may see some occurrences like frosting on your candles. Because we use soy in our candles and wax melts, they do react to things in our environment like temperature. Frosting, for example, is completely natural and will not impact the way your candle burns.
      • Blends are poured by weight and not volume which is why you may see some variances in pour levels.
    • For Bath/Beauty products:
      • Bath and body products with broken safety seals cannot be returned due to safety and health concerns.
      • Use externally only. Do not drink. Do not apply around your eyes.
      • Please review all ingredients before applying any of our perfumes and lip balms.
      • Alcohol free. Phthalate free.