Daughter of Athena, Fig Cassis Hyacinth

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"For so much of my life, I felt like everything was changing, all the time. I didn't have anyone I could rely on... Then thought I'd found a family, but it fell apart almost immediately. What I'm saying . . . I hate it when people let me down. I think that's why I want to be an architect." - Annabeth Chase

I was inspired by the Mediterranean room at the US Botanic Gardens when creating Annabeth's blend. This blend brings me back there.

Blend components: fig, cassis, hyacinth, ozone, musk, jasmine, moss, cedar wood

You can purchase this blend in several forms:

Candles: Glittered jars made with a soy-paraffin blend for maximum hot & cold scent throw. Wood wicked for a cleaner, longer burn while giving off a soothing crackle. Find more information about our candles, care and safety here >>Room/Body Spray: Made with a witch hazel, distilled water, and fragrance oil. Learn More >>