Polkadot Tea Cup Candles

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We love having our own mad tea party and want to bring it to you.  You can select from our most popular scents to fill your polkadot tea cup. Each tea cup has approximately 5.5oz of wax which burns around 28-38 hours.  Your cup also comes with a matching saucer and can be cleaned out after burning to use for sipping your tea.

You can choose between the following scents.

  • America's Ass: apple, cherry, vanilla and pie (white wax & red/blue/silver glitter)
  • Aziraphale: earl grey, apple, almond (white wax & gold glitter)
  • Captain Hook: bay rum & salty sea air (grey wax & black glitter)
  • Coffee & Contemplation: hazelnut coffee (brown wax & copper glitter)
  • Crowley: whiskey, brimstone, cognac (dark red wax & red glitter)
  • Dean's Baby: leather, old spice, cedar wood, vanilla (grey wax & black glitter)
  • Drink Me: gummy bears (red wax & glitter)
  • Grace of Castiel: vanilla, violet, chrysanthemum (white wax & blue glitter)
  • Herm-one-ninny: books, white tea, apricot, pine (white wax & pink glitter)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night: citrus, sea air, apple, earl grey (purple wax & silver/purple glitter)
  • Mad Tea Party: tea and passion fruit (purple wax & green glitter)
  • Muchness: strawberry taffy (blue wax & white glitter)
  • Queen of Hearts: raspberry plum tart (red wax & black glitter)
  • Phoenix Feathers: cinnamon, clove, orange (orange wax & red/gold glitter)
  • Un-birthday: lemon poppy cake (blue wax & red glitter)
  • Writers Lie: bourbon, smoke, books, teakwood, cardamom (white wax & copper glitter)
  • Wizard Beer: Butterscotch cream soda (orange wax & gold glitter)

Sets are limited! Once a color runs out, it is out of stock until our next event.

Can take 2-3 weeks to ship because candles are poured based on the orders that come in.  If you would like to add additional candles to this set, each scent is available in shop for you to add directly to your cart.

This is a special edition item. No discount codes can be used on it.