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As we move into the last quarter of the year, it's time for me to retiring some of our lesser performing blends. This will allow me to make room in the shop for new things in 2020.   Here's a list of all blends retiring permanently at the end of the year: Candles/Perfume And the Stars Eternal Brienne the Blue Defender of the Rainbow Donkey Balls Dungeon of Snakes Endless Wonder Gotham Nights Hangman I'm Weird Iconic Ponytail Impressive Wingspan Indeed Jack & Sam Love Bites Magical Girl Mermaid Splash Missy Muchness Sassenach Tower of Eagles Tower of Lions Vibranium Flowers...

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We wanted to give you a run down of scents coming and going over the next few months since there are quite a few. Retiring Seasonal & Discontinued Blends Seasonal Retiring Scents (will return next year): April 30 - Lady of the Winter Court  May 31 - Beating of His Hideous Heart, Dawn Court Morning, Last Queen of Luna, Queen of Moons, Spring Court Spy, True Loves Kiss, Vampire Kiss Permanently Retiring Scents: May 31 - 221 B Baker Street, Assbutt, Defying Gravity, Howl at the Moon, Mystery & Macabre, Snow Girl Trouble, Strange & Unusual, The Most Loyal, Vervain,...

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