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New Items: November 21

 We’ve been working hard to get our new items together before the Black Friday rush.  This week we have two ‘always blends and four limited edition blends.  (Always blends are scents that will remain in stock until future notice.)

Always Blends:

  • Screaming Firehawks (The Expanse) – bourbon, cinnamon and orange
  • Blueberry TART-is (Doctor Who) – blueberry and banana tart

Seasonal Blends (will return next year):

  • What’s This? (Nightmare Before Christmas) – mistletoe
  • Denim Wrapped Nightmares (Supernatural) – cedar, clove, rosewood, amber and vetiver
  • Raised From Perdition (Supernatural) – frankincense and myrrh

Limited Edition (will retire permanently Jan 31)

  • Dr. Jones (Indiana Jones/Doctor Who) – leather saffron thyme amberwood
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