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Black Friday Sales

For your convenience, our Black Friday sale will run from 11/23 to 11/26.  That way it doesn’t matter what day you decide to do your online shopping!

Our coupon codes will be:

  • 5NERDS – $5 off $25
  • 10NERDS – $10 off $50
  • 15NERDS – $15 off $75
  • SHIPNERDS – Free Shipping on U.S. Orders over $100

Discount codes can be used on ALL items except for gift card purchases and mystery bags & mystery scent boxes. The mystery boxes are always discounted heavily so we cannot offer any further discount on them.

Current creation time on most items is 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please let us know and happy shopping.

We hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving and send you thoughts of kindness and joy.  We love you all.

Stay Nerd,
Amanda & Co.

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