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Retirement is Near!

It’s the worst! What’s the worst (you may ask)? RETIREMENT! I hate retiring scents because I love all the things; however, we must. I literally have a closet full of scent oils and it has no room to carry inventory all year round. October 31st will see the beginning of our retirement cycle for blends before we fully move into the new seasonal schedule.

To make it easy for you, here is a list of all the limited edition, seasonal and retiring blends that will be archived on the website.  I will note which blends return next year. HEADS UP!! If you see a candle on the limited edition/retiring list that you absolutely LOVE, here are two things: 1. Use code RETIREOCTOBER for 15% off any retiring blend (good until 10/31) AND join our Insiders group because Insiders will vote on blends to return in January. I will tell you another secret, though. If you keep a note of your ingredients, you can recreate some of our retiring blends on our Custom Blend listing.

Limited Edition Retiring:

Seasonal Blends Retiring (will return next year in the Spring or Summer):

Final Sales, Retiring For Good:



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