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Leftover Wax Solution #2

Guys! I know you hate to leave wax in your jar as much as I do. Sadly, for a candle to be a safe burn (especially with a thicker wood wick) it must be finished around 1/2 – 1″ near the bottom of the jar. This prevents damage to counter tops and fire hazards. BUT there are solutions!

A few weeks ago, I posted showing how to dig your wax out of a jar and use it in wax melt warmers. That is a solution that I regularly use since I use a melt warmer every night in my bedroom.  More scents for me.(You better believe I’m digging every bit of Lord & Lady of the Night out of it’s jar.) Not everybody has a warmer so that solution might not be for you.

While shopping at Michael’s a few days ago, I remembered to snag an item that I always forget that I need. A CANDLE WARMER! Seriously, guys. This will solve those wax problems. It cost me less than $5 (since it was the only regular priced item I had to use their coupon on) and it has been perfect for doing two things:

  1. Releasing the scent at the bottom of a finished candle.  (MUST GET ALL THE GOODNESS)
  2. Leaving the glitter in place! That’s right: you can keep all your candle sparkles. In the picture, I am warming my giant Scout Collection jar. I know that many don’t want to burn the candle because it’s so pretty and has Scout art. Use a warmer! I have had no problems getting a good scent release and the glitter has stayed to the sides.  You may get a little swirling around the middle of the candle; however, that looks pretty cool when the wax is liquifying. I did notice that the scent sometimes takes a little longer to release compared to burning a candle but that is to be expected. The jar has essentially become a giant wax melt and you have to wait for the heating point longer.

You can find a candle warmer at most of your stores like Target, Walmart, etc. So go forth and make your smellies SMELL.

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