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Seasonal, Limited Edition and Retiring Blends

When I started making lip balm four years ago, I never dreamed that it would be the taking off point for something special. Never would I have believed you if you told me that what started off as a way to satiate my lip balm addiction (and need for a more natural product… and a need for another way to show off fandom love) would develop into me making shimmer sprays and candles. Our scent line started out as eight blends (of which only Tea with the Doctor remains) and now we’re pushing towards 200 blends and 7 scented product lines. It’s amazing and I appreciate every single one of you.

The draw back to having such a large inventory is that it is very difficult for me to manage and to keep costs low. With all of the unique blends and variations, almost every order is a custom order. It also gets costly to keep up the inventory all year long. I want to be able to deliver you the best product that I can while keeping a fair price (of course). That all being said, I’ve decided to start changing much of our inventory to a seasonal rotation or limited editions.  So here’s the plan!

  1. Always blends: These blends will be available all year long until we decide to retire them.
  2. Seasonal blends: These blends will pop up for Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall only.
  3. Limited Edition blends: These blends will only be made for a select run. Examples: We may run 3-4 limited blends each month based on the 42 Monthly theme or blends may run for a limited time in special events.
  4. Retired blends:  Once a blend is no longer made, it will be removed from the shop as retired. We will run polls in our Insiders group on Facebook every so often to have customers vote on a retired blend to bring back. Retired doesn’t always have to mean gone forever.
  5. Conventions: As you know, we travel to a lot of themed conventions (Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc). At these shows, we will bring many of the blends that fit the theme. So at Supernatural, you can get the Lumbering Piles of Flannel at the event all year; however, you can only purchase it online during our winter season.

Thanks for all of your support and I wish you all the best,
-Amanda & Co.

Current Seasonal Scent Schedule:
  • Autumn Blends (available Aug-Oct)
    • Charming Serpent
    • Endless Wonder
    • Of Course She Likes Ghostbusters
    • Salt & Burn
    • The Upside Down
    • Undesirable No 1
    • Wayward Sheriff
    • What the Cuss
    • You Betcha
  • Winter Blends (available Nov – Jan)
    • Just One Bite
    • Asgard’s Finest Mead
    • The Dark One
    • Hello Brother
    • Little Brother
    • Lumbering Piles of Flannel
    • Phoenix Feathers
    • Snow Queen
    • Sweet Christmas
    • The Babysitter
    • Winter Is Coming
    • Winter Soldier
  • Spring Blend (available Feb – April)
    • Defying Gravity
    • Exterminate
    • Mommy Dearest
    • Queen of Moons
    • Spring Court Spy
    • Bad Wolf
    • True Loves Kiss
    • Vampire Kiss
    • Vervain
  • Summer Blends (available May – July)
    • Cisco Ramon
    • Death 2.0
    • Demogorgon
    • Hello Boys
    • Magical Girl
    • Psych You Out
    • Wizarding Candies

Any seasonal blends that are in our current stock (as of 8/21/18) will retire by 8/31/18 until their season starts!

Current Limited Edition Scent Schedule:
  • A 10 is Speaking
  • Baby Cas
  • Candle Who Should Not Be Named
  • Ickle Ronnikins
  • Just As Sane As You Are
  • Pegasus Wind
  • Philosopher’s Stone
  • Thanks for the Suit
  • Your Mother Was a Hamster

Any limited edition blends that are in our current stock (as of 8/21/18) will retire on 10/31/18 or when supplies run out.

Current Retiring Schedule:
  • A Signature Look
  • Captain Tight Pants
  • Charming Disposition
  • Deal with Rumple
  • Dessert with 10
  • Evil Queen’s Lament
  • Fantastic
  • Femme Fatale
  • Granny’s
  • Harlequin
  • I Don’t Understand That Reference
  • Freeze’s Motivation
  • Mr. Pennyworth
  • Nevertheless She Persisted
  • Pearls and Ice
  • Penseive
  • Rebel General Princess
  • Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine
  • Riddle Me This
  • Snow White Sleep
  • So Get This
  • Tea at Pemberley
  • The Forgotten Winchester
  • The Wayne Fortune
  • Wicked Always Wins
  • Wonderland

Any retiring blends that are in our current stock (as of 8/21/18) will retire when their supplies have run out.

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