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Like to Shop? Earn Some Rewards!

We have added a new loyalty and rewards program for all of our shoppers.

You may ask, “How do I become a member?”. Okay, you might not have asked that but the answer remains the same: you already are! As soon as you create an account on our website, you become a member of our rewards program. No extra steps for you.


Reward points are generated every time you place an order. You receive 1 point for every dollar spent on an item (shipping and taxes not included). Once you accumulate enough points to hit a reward tier, you will be sent an email to claim your reward.  Once claimed, rewards are valid for 90 days.  You do not have to claim a reward once you hit your tier.  As in the picture on the right, there are different point levels. You can skip the 200 level reward and save up for 500. Once you claim a reward, your points are cashed out.  To see all reward options, log into your account and click “Loyalty and Rewards” on the dashboard.


Loyalty acts a little different. These points are never cashed out. Every time you place an order, you receive 20 points regardless of dollar amount. When you hit 600 points, you are a Silver Member and can receive 5% off every order placed (cannot be combined with other coupons). Gold Members (1000 points) require 1000 points.

Other Information

42 Monthly subscribers and anybody we directly invoice will gain points also! Because I have to add points manually, points will be added to your account once a month as long as you have a login at our website.  You have to create your login separate from subscribing to the box since subscription management is done through paypal and not our website.

Any cancelled or refunded orders will not count towards points.

Points cannot be refunded.  Once cashed out for a coupon, they will not be returned to you.

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