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New Blends and What The Cuss?!

There is a lot of activity going on around the block this week.  (The block… get it.  Our shop name is 42 Nerdtastic Place. Bad humor, we know.) We have two new blends, a new scent of the month, and our September Jane Austen boxes have shipped!

New Blends: Winter Soldier and Captain Tight Pants

In our Nerdtastic Niceties boxes, we often create scented products specifically for the box.  Some items are limited edition and will only appear in the box; however, we leave the opening for some to join the ranks of our all-year blends.  “Winter Soldier” and “Captain Tight Pants” have made the jump from box to store front.

Winter Soldier:  This blend is a mix of snowy evergreen, vanilla, and candy cane.  The mix creates a mixture of warmth (vanilla) along with the chill of wintergreen mint.  You can snag Winter Soldier in candles and wax melts.  (Sorry, we are unable to make this in a perfume due to a portion of the blend not being made with skin safe fragrance oils.)

Captain Tight Pants:  This blend, we’ve been told by customers, smells like how Mal should.  This blend that we call rosewood musk mixes ingredients like rosewood, lime, fresh apple, black raspberry, and musk.  You can bring Captain Tight Pants home in candles, wax melts, perfume roll ons and room/body spray.

Scent of the Month

Since September is the beginning of all things pumpkin spice, we chose “What the Cuss?” to be our next scent of the month.  Our Supernatural inspired blend (dedicated to Sheriff Donna specifically) smells like pumpkin cheesecake.  You can have this scent mixed into candles, wax melts, roll on perfume and room/body spray.

Nerdtastic Niceties Boxes

The beginning of the month means the shipping of our monthly mystery boxes.  Jane Austen is out the door but don’t worry if you missed it!  We still have 7 more in stock that you can purchase.  Also don’t forget to preorder our Batman Rogue’s Gallery box which features guest artist Steampunk Wolf!

That’s it for this week, my fellow nerds!  I’ll see some of you at SPNPitt on Thursday and can’t wait!!

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