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ONCERS – Your Scent Blends are Here!

When we were at OUATChi earlier in the month, we debuted 9 new scent blends.  I didn’t know how they would go over.  Scents are subjective.  I might think they are amazing but others not so much. It’s the constant battle of good vs evil that artisans face.  My fears were quickly erased on day 1.  Many attendees asked when these would be online and here they are.

To celebrate the release, you can use code OUATNERD until Friday, June 30th for any item in our Once Upon a Time section.

The new blends include:

  • Evil Queen’s Lament (Merlot)
  • Snow White’s Sleep (Lavender Chamomile)
  • Swan Song (Brown Sugar Vanilla)
  • Deal with Rumple (Red Saffron)
  • Charming Disposition (Country Fields)
  • Wicked Always Wins (Vanilla Lime)
  • Captain Hook (Bay Rum and Salty Sea Air) – this was the OUATChi best seller
  • Dining with Belle (Chocolate Cake and Rose)
  • Granny’s (Raspberry Jam)

I will also be releasing an additional blend this week.  (It’s currently curing.) During Rebecca Mader’s panel, somebody asked her the question, “If Zelena were a scented candle, what would she be?”  Rebecca answered, “Prosecco and Ginger.”  Of course, I had to make that!  I just finished pouring a prosecco and smoked ginger candle and will debut the blend as one of our charity items.  Stay tuned!!

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