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We are all Wonder Women.

Wonder Woman Necklace, Don’t kill if you can wound quoteHow good is the Wonder Woman movie, guys? I’m not going to give away specific spoilers but the No Mans Land scene.  Wow.  The imagery of Diana crossing the battle field for the first time was powerful. I love WW. I have since I was a child. Many of you understand it: she represents so much to so many women. To see her on screen taking fire and standing up to it, I felt like I was watching every uphill battle I’ve had to face in my life. I didn’t expect to shed tears during this movie, but I did.  I couldn’t help it!

Needless to say, Wonder Woman is my inspiration this week for a handmade feature.

Artisan Items For Wonder Women Everywhere

Wonder Woman Lip Balm (Inspired)Wonderful Woman Lip Balm by 42 Nerdtastic Place
I created this for our Nerdtastic Scents line and it has become one of my personal go to balms.  The blend of fig and brown sugar is a warm, sweet and definitely delicious.  I’ve now added an option for you to order it as a perfume or air freshener.

Lasso of Truth PolishLasso of Truth Nail Polish by Fanchromatic Nails
The gold shades used in this polish look like they would be the perfect touch to any Wonder Woman themed outfit.  I have several of Fanchromatic’s Firefly polishes on my nail polish rack and simply love them. Lasso of Truth might need to join them.

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters
I’m sure you’ve seen this art piece around. It’s the lovely “We Are All WonderWomen” design by the Satrun Sisters. This design speaks to so many people and is often shared (without giving the Sister’s their proper credit!). Be sure to check out their shop and all of their pieces featuring strong and amazing women.

Wonder Woman Tea – by Nerdfelt
I feel like I need a cup of this every morning! Black tea with mango, strawberry and pineapple? Sign me up. I’m adding this to my shopping cart right after the blog gets published.  It sounds delicious, Nerdfelt!

Wonder Woman KitchenAid Decals by Sunbeam Engraving
Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen, I feel like I’m Wonder Woman while juggling cooking, keeping a toddler away from the stove and breaking up the bickering of two preteens. Why not have my KitchenAid represent that?  I just wish I had a red or blue mixer to show them off better!

Real Life Wonder Woman Shirt by Boo Boo Bean
Yes. Is it wrong if I buy it for myself? I feel like the title should be bestowed upon someone. Add this one to your favorites for gift ideas for all of those real world Wonder Ladies that you know.

Wonder Woman Chainmail Skirt by DragonBroChainmail
So this might not be the most practical skirt for your everyday wear… but it’s just badass. I think I could rock it grocery shopping, right?  At the very least, a comicon costume could happen.

Have any handmade goodies to share?

Leave a comment with a link to any Wonder Woman themed goodies you make or love!  We’d like to see them.

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