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What’s New: Scent of the Week

Hello my fellow nerds!

I’m going to be starting something new at the shop: Scent of the Week.  Every Wednesday, we are going to feature a new scent that will be 25% off for the week.  So if the blend comes in candles and perfume, it will all be discounted for you to stock up on.

Our first scent of the week is SMOAK, WEST AND WELLS.  Why?  Because we just finished some whirl wind of series finales! For those of you who are familiar with the Arrow-verse TV shows on the CW Network, you know that (Felicity) Smoak, (Iris) West, and (Harrison/HR) Wells had some scary, exciting and sad moments.  We pay tribute to all of our coffee swigging heroes.

SMOAK, WEST AND WELLS is a creamy nutmeg coffee blend.  You can purchase it in candle and wax melt form.  Get it now by clicking here

Stay nerd!
-Amanda aka Lady Jaye

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