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One More Day!

5s always seem like good numbers to round to.  So April 25th became the deadline for two things:

  • The Brand Rep Search! – You have until tomorrow to submit to be a 42 Nerdtastic Place brand rep.  We will be selecting 3-5 social media users to rep our products for a three month period.  All the details are on the application if you’re interested.
  • Buck Barnes Preorder Price – All our Nerdtastic Niceties boxes have a preorder price of $24.99 until the 25th of the month.  After tomorrow, the boxes go to the regular price of $29.99.  The current value of the merchandise in the Bucky box is $47. (The estimated price never goes lower.  Sometimes it goes higher as I’m creating designs for the box and decide to do more than originally planned.)

What else is coming up this week at 42 Nerdtastic Place?

  • We will be releasing two new scents: Cleric (Citronella Peppermint) and The Rogue (Fruit and Flora, similar to Forever Red at BBW).  Cleric is currently going to be a limited edition scent.  If you want to snag yours early, you can stop by Geek Chic Fleet Congo on Facebook.  This group features many fantastic artisans who post themed handmade items at special member prices.
  • In the workshop, I’m going to be gearing up for Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time and Sci-Fi/Feminist conventions!  If you want to see any particular scents, sayings or themes, give me a shout out on social media!!


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