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New Air Freshener and Body Sprays

Every week, I am trying to add something new to the shop.  The week of February 26th sees three new air fresheners.  Did you know that our air freshener sprays can also be used as a body spray?  We love multi purpose items!

  • White Queen – This blend is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Chess, and the X-Men.  The scent is ‘Arctic Breeze’ and is a blend of mint, eucalyptus, jasmine and rose.
  • Young, Scrappy and Hungry – This blend is inspired by Hamilton.  The scent is a warm and sweet cherry tobacco.  Don’t worry, the tobacco is an undertone and not in your face with pipe smoke.
  • Defying Gravity – This blend is inspired by Wicked.  The scent is citrus basil which mirrors our Emerald City perfume oil.
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