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Wax Melts Are Here!

Kawaii as Heck Soy Wax Tarts

New Product Line

To continue with our scented products, wax melts have now been released!  Our melts are made with soy wax so they are clean melting and non-toxic.

We have nine scents available in this first round:

  • Time Travel Brew (Chocolate Caramel Coffee)
  • Together Breakfast (Pancakes Popcorn Strawberry)
  • Kawaii as Heck (Fruit and Cotton Candy)
  • Magical Girl (Wild Watermelon)
  • Tea Time (Green Tea)
  • Wizard Celebration (Butterscotch Cookie Dough)
  • Wonderland (Peach Cilantro)
  • Cup of Noodles (Ramen Soup)

You can purchase individual packs or pick three for a bundled discount.  Be sure to let us know how you like them.  Take @42NerdtasticPl on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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