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Welcome to the New Shop!

Thank you to everybody who has supported nerdtastic® over the past four years!  Your support has given me the inspiration to evolve my once hobby into my full time business.  To continue to grow, I decided that a rebranding was in order.  42 Nerdtastic Place is still nerdtastic but a bigger and better space.

What’s with the new name? The short story: I feel like it’s a more artsy studio space name that allows me to organize my product lines the way I want them to be for all of you.  The long story: Names evolve and change over time.  Nerdtastic, at it’s core, is a feeling I always want to convey with my work.  We all nerd about something whether it’s book, movies or food.  42 is the ultimate nerd number (come on Hitchhiker fans, you know what I mean).  My handles for Twitter & Instagram were nerdtastic42; however, somebody was already using it on Facebook so I couldn’t make my social media consistent.  When I toyed with changing everything to 42Nerdtastic, it felt like a street address to me.  I’m an artisan and I like art studios… 42 Nerdtastic Place feels like the home of nerdy, pop culture art.  It also feels a little Harry Potter-esque.  And that is how I came up with it.  That’s the long winded explanation.

Will I still find all my favorite products? I will be keeping all of my most popular products and to keep 42 Nerdtastic Place going, I will be streamlining my designs.  My interests are with the scented lines (now called “nerdtastic® scents”) and metal manipulation lines (now called “42 stamps”).  For the time being, this is where my interests will stay focused.  This will also help you better find products you are looking for online and at events.  As always, I love custom work so you can contact me if you want a unique design that isn’t online or if you saw something at an event that isn’t on the website.

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