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Change Can Be Good! ….We Promise.

My Unicorn

Over the next few months, you are going to see changes in our candle jar sizing and wicks. What will be new:

  • Candle jars will be available in 3 sizes of hexagon jar (pictured right)
  • Candle jars will be using enviro friendly wood wicks

The old saying “if it isn’t broke, why fix it?” is a true one; however, there are a few reasons we decided to make the switch. The biggest one is that our current jar style was discontinued by the manufacturer! That factor was of our control; however, we decided to eliminate the square candle tins also. We used to have to purchase all of our containers from two different manufacturers. It is more cost effective for us to purchase all of our styles from one manufacturer. This allows us to pass on savings to you.

We love the addiction of wood wicks. They provide a slower, more even burn to our candles. Another benefit to wood wicks is less black smoke (which we all hate), no trimming (usually) needed, and it’s more environmentally friendly. Plus, wood wicks give off a really cool crackling noise that makes us feel like we’re sitting by the fireplace in Gryffindor Tower. I’d say that’s a win for everybody.

As we phase out old designs, the new ones will pop up in listings. This week the square tins are the first to be removed. We hope to have the hexagon jars in full release by June. You will have the option to purchase candles in the 8.7oz jars (with cotton wicks) until our supplies run low. As of right now, we have about 5 dozen jars left.

It will take us a considerable amount of time to re-photograph our blends to feature new jars and jew labels.  Please bear with us as we go through this change. We love the new brand identity that is forming this year and hope you enjoy it too!

Stay nerdy!
-Amanda & Co.

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My Birthday Equals Fun For You!

Happy Birthday to me! Since it’s my birthday, I’m going to spread the joy to you because that’s how I roll.  If you’d like to stock up on some nerdtastic goodies this weekend, use coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY for 21% off your order.  That’s right 21% since today is the 21st.  The code will be valid through Sunday and can be used on almost everything.  The only exception is our Nerdtastic Niceties boxes and mystery bags.  So go out and enjoy!!

Love you all!


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ONCERS – Your Scent Blends are Here!

When we were at OUATChi earlier in the month, we debuted 9 new scent blends.  I didn’t know how they would go over.  Scents are subjective.  I might think they are amazing but others not so much. It’s the constant battle of good vs evil that artisans face.  My fears were quickly erased on day 1.  Many attendees asked when these would be online and here they are.

To celebrate the release, you can use code OUATNERD until Friday, June 30th for any item in our Once Upon a Time section.

The new blends include:

  • Evil Queen’s Lament (Merlot)
  • Snow White’s Sleep (Lavender Chamomile)
  • Swan Song (Brown Sugar Vanilla)
  • Deal with Rumple (Red Saffron)
  • Charming Disposition (Country Fields)
  • Wicked Always Wins (Vanilla Lime)
  • Captain Hook (Bay Rum and Salty Sea Air) – this was the OUATChi best seller
  • Dining with Belle (Chocolate Cake and Rose)
  • Granny’s (Raspberry Jam)

I will also be releasing an additional blend this week.  (It’s currently curing.) During Rebecca Mader’s panel, somebody asked her the question, “If Zelena were a scented candle, what would she be?”  Rebecca answered, “Prosecco and Ginger.”  Of course, I had to make that!  I just finished pouring a prosecco and smoked ginger candle and will debut the blend as one of our charity items.  Stay tuned!!

All the best,

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One More Day!

5s always seem like good numbers to round to.  So April 25th became the deadline for two things:

  • The Brand Rep Search! – You have until tomorrow to submit to be a 42 Nerdtastic Place brand rep.  We will be selecting 3-5 social media users to rep our products for a three month period.  All the details are on the application if you’re interested.
  • Buck Barnes Preorder Price – All our Nerdtastic Niceties boxes have a preorder price of $24.99 until the 25th of the month.  After tomorrow, the boxes go to the regular price of $29.99.  The current value of the merchandise in the Bucky box is $47. (The estimated price never goes lower.  Sometimes it goes higher as I’m creating designs for the box and decide to do more than originally planned.)

What else is coming up this week at 42 Nerdtastic Place?

  • We will be releasing two new scents: Cleric (Citronella Peppermint) and The Rogue (Fruit and Flora, similar to Forever Red at BBW).  Cleric is currently going to be a limited edition scent.  If you want to snag yours early, you can stop by Geek Chic Fleet Congo on Facebook.  This group features many fantastic artisans who post themed handmade items at special member prices.
  • In the workshop, I’m going to be gearing up for Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time and Sci-Fi/Feminist conventions!  If you want to see any particular scents, sayings or themes, give me a shout out on social media!!


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The Newiest of New

Femme Fatale, Cinnamon Clove Candle

There’s always a lot going on at 42 Nerdtastic Place so I wanted to give you, our loyal fans, a recap of what’s been going on!

Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Wrap Up

First, I want to say hello and thank you to all of our new friends we met at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest/Walker Stalker!  It was fun chatting with each and every one of you.  If you stopped by my booth, you noticed that there were three artists there.  I paired up with Lish’s Stitches (Shop|Instagram) and Nerdy Robots (Shop|Facebook) this past weekend.  Be sure to check out their pages!

If you saw something at the convention and you’re not finding it in any of our shops, please message me.  I will be glad to help you out.

Nerdtastic Niceties Boxes

Our first NN boxes are scheduled to ship on SATURDAY!! As of writing this, we only have 5 Hamilton boxes left!  Once they are sold out, they are gone.  One item in the box is an exclusive and will not be recreated.  I’m super excited to share the box with you so expect pictures of the products to be released around April 6th (when the boxes get into the hands of those who have purchased them).  That also means that our Bucky Barnes preorder will be beginning soon as well.

Nerdtastic Scents: New Line

Candles are coming!  Our new scents went over well at HVFF and I’ll be posting the listings over this week.  I’m hoping to get them up quickly; however, I’m a one woman shop and have a sick 1 year old this week!  Boo.  Sick babies are never fun.  Whenever I do get the listings up, I will also be making it so that you can purchase other items in that same scent.  For example, if you love our Magical Girl wax melts, you will be able to buy it in a body spray, perfume, or candle from that listing’s page.  This will make it easier for you to shop.  Stay tuned!!

That’s it for now.  Be sure to follow us on social media for all our updates.

Much love and good journeys,