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Thank you for helping us raise money!

Thank you to everybody who bought one our charity items so far this year! We raised $30 from our Meg necklaces and Vibranium Flowers lip sheers and then raised our donation to $42.  This money went to a classroom in Virginia who was running out of supplies for the remainder of the school year.  (We find classrooms through

Education is extremely important when it comes to some of our core values and it breaks my heart to see so many teachers not being given the tools they need for classroom success. We’ve decided that for the remainder of 2018, all of our charity designs will go to helping raise money for classrooms. Whether we’re able to donate $25 or $200, every small bit will help enrich the lives of a child.

Thank you, again, for your continued support. We appreciate YOU.

All the best,

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Proud HSCG Member

If you’re one of the rare unicorns that scroll to the bottom of a shop page, you may have noticed a new banner at the bottom.

HSCG is the Handmade Soap and Cosmetic Guild, one of the largest guilds for artisan makers.  My shop has been a member for the past three years and we’ve decided to share that with you on our website.  Being a member of HSCG means that we take our products seriously and professionally. We research federal regulations when it comes to labelling, product handling and making. 42 Nerdtastic Place is fully insured through HSCG.  Why is this important? While we don’t anticipate anything bad happening, we take our job seriously and want to make sure our consumers are protected.  With the growth of handmade artisans in all fields, we want you to be confident in our products and business.  We are always looking out for you.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us! We are happy to answer anything.

All the best,

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Magical Fandom Fairy (Unboxing Video at King Books)

When you go to conventions, you do meet people who are a gem of a human.  Alana at King Books is one of those folks.  I (Amanda) met her first at ColumCon last year but Alana is well known from Supernatural conventions for her amazing videos.  Of course, that’s not all she does on her YouTube channel so go check her out my nerds.

We sent Alana an assortment of goodies last month and they made it into her newest unboxing video! After this video, we want to make everybody a magical fandom fairy with shimmer sprays AND want Jared cookie cutters.

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Christmas Wishes Giveaway!

This year was an amazing year for us so we want to give back as a way of saying thanks.  Look for the above image on any of our social media feeds.  Comment on the image with your wishlist item from our shop and you’ll be entered into our giveaway on 12/18. For every entry we receive, we will donate $1 to RandomActs (up to $100) to help bring joy to others as well.

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All the best,

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Gotham Blends are Coming!

Gotham Con with Nerdy Robots

Hello to all our new friends we met at Gotham Con this past weekend! It was a pleasure geeking out about a shared fandom.  I just wanted to drop a quite note to let you all know that the Gotham blends will be dropping to the website on Wednesday.  If you’re looking for any of the jewelry that you saw on display, they were made by the lovely Devin at Nerdy Robots.  You can contact either of us with specific questions on designs and we’ll get back to you ASAP!  Meanwhile, we hope to see you on social media.  It’s always a blast chatting with you after cons.

Until next time!


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Jerks, Bitches and Assbutts… Idjits!

Bitch Jerk Assbutt Idjit Candle 4 Pack

It’s been a week and a half since Supernatural Pittsburgh and we miss you guys already! The good news is that they moved PittCon up to June next year so it’s only 10 months away.  The bad news is that we won’t see our #SPNFamily again for NINE MONTHS! We know it’s a long time to wait… I mean, 9 months without Jensen, Jared or Misha hugs? (Look how lucky baby Bindi, my best friend’s daughter, is in this pic. She doesn’t know yet what greatness holds her.) To try and stem the tide, we’re releasing more of our Supernatural themed blends this week that our Pittsburgh friends saw two weeks ago.  That way you can make your “Bitch” scent last all year long.

Of course, Bitch isn’t the only blend that has been released.  You can snag Jerk, Assbutt and Idjit as well.  All blends come individually or in a 4-pack gift set if you’re looking to shop for a Supernatural fan in your life.  Crowley the King and The Most Loyal lip balms also debuted at SPNPitt with positive reviews. Our Crowley blend smells like chocolate cherries and our Ruby blend is candy apple with a very light pearl red glitter.  We hope there is something for everybody in this mix this week.

Thank you to our SPNFamily that we met last convention. You were all fantastic and really made us feel welcome. I hope we see you on our social media feeds because Mallory (my social media helper bee) and myself really enjoy talking to all of you.

Much love.  Until next time.



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Now Available: Layaway

Interested in making a large purchase of our nerdy wares but don’t have the funds right now? We understand! We’re now able to offer a layaway plan of sorts to anybody who would like to make payments on a purchase of $75 or more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us with a list of items you would like to make payments on.
  2. We will confirm your order and arrange a deadline on when the balance must be paid in full.  This deadline is up to you but we recommend no later than 90 days.
  3. We create an invoice for you via paypal that allows partial payments.
  4. We will send bi-weekly reminders via paypal on your invoice as a courtesy.
  5. You make payments as you can.
  6. Once your invoice is completely paid, we will begin creating your items in the time frame stated on your invoice.

Some fine print:

  1. Your minimum layaway order must be $75 after any discounts.
  2. Your first payment must be made within 30 days or your invoice will be cancelled.
  3. Your invoice must be paid in full by the deadline or it will be cancelled and all money refunded.
  4. No items will be created until your invoice is paid completely.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We’re more than glad to help you.

All the best,

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New Blends and What The Cuss?!

There is a lot of activity going on around the block this week.  (The block… get it.  Our shop name is 42 Nerdtastic Place. Bad humor, we know.) We have two new blends, a new scent of the month, and our September Jane Austen boxes have shipped!

New Blends: Winter Soldier and Captain Tight Pants

In our Nerdtastic Niceties boxes, we often create scented products specifically for the box.  Some items are limited edition and will only appear in the box; however, we leave the opening for some to join the ranks of our all-year blends.  “Winter Soldier” and “Captain Tight Pants” have made the jump from box to store front.

Winter Soldier:  This blend is a mix of snowy evergreen, vanilla, and candy cane.  The mix creates a mixture of warmth (vanilla) along with the chill of wintergreen mint.  You can snag Winter Soldier in candles and wax melts.  (Sorry, we are unable to make this in a perfume due to a portion of the blend not being made with skin safe fragrance oils.)

Captain Tight Pants:  This blend, we’ve been told by customers, smells like how Mal should.  This blend that we call rosewood musk mixes ingredients like rosewood, lime, fresh apple, black raspberry, and musk.  You can bring Captain Tight Pants home in candles, wax melts, perfume roll ons and room/body spray.

Scent of the Month

Since September is the beginning of all things pumpkin spice, we chose “What the Cuss?” to be our next scent of the month.  Our Supernatural inspired blend (dedicated to Sheriff Donna specifically) smells like pumpkin cheesecake.  You can have this scent mixed into candles, wax melts, roll on perfume and room/body spray.

Nerdtastic Niceties Boxes

The beginning of the month means the shipping of our monthly mystery boxes.  Jane Austen is out the door but don’t worry if you missed it!  We still have 7 more in stock that you can purchase.  Also don’t forget to preorder our Batman Rogue’s Gallery box which features guest artist Steampunk Wolf!

That’s it for this week, my fellow nerds!  I’ll see some of you at SPNPitt on Thursday and can’t wait!!

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Scent of the Month!! Psych You Out

Psych You Out

We were geeked when our favorite “psychic” detective is announced to return in Psych The Movie later this year.  Followers of the show know that pineapple is hidden in every episode so our Psych inspired blends could be nothing else.

Since it’s August and pineapple is a summer favorite, we’ve made Psych You Out our scent of the month.

What does that mean?

We’re glad you ask!  Every month we are going to make a new blend our reigning “Scent of the Month”.  So you have until the last day of the month to get the blend at a discount.  That means everything from lip balm to candle tins will be discounted.  No coupon code is needed to take advantage of this.  The blend discount will show up in your cart automatically.

So until August 31st, enjoy some pineapple!

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We are all Wonder Women.

Wonder Woman Necklace, Don’t kill if you can wound quoteHow good is the Wonder Woman movie, guys? I’m not going to give away specific spoilers but the No Mans Land scene.  Wow.  The imagery of Diana crossing the battle field for the first time was powerful. I love WW. I have since I was a child. Many of you understand it: she represents so much to so many women. To see her on screen taking fire and standing up to it, I felt like I was watching every uphill battle I’ve had to face in my life. I didn’t expect to shed tears during this movie, but I did.  I couldn’t help it!

Needless to say, Wonder Woman is my inspiration this week for a handmade feature.

Artisan Items For Wonder Women Everywhere

Wonder Woman Lip Balm (Inspired)Wonderful Woman Lip Balm by 42 Nerdtastic Place
I created this for our Nerdtastic Scents line and it has become one of my personal go to balms.  The blend of fig and brown sugar is a warm, sweet and definitely delicious.  I’ve now added an option for you to order it as a perfume or air freshener.

Lasso of Truth PolishLasso of Truth Nail Polish by Fanchromatic Nails
The gold shades used in this polish look like they would be the perfect touch to any Wonder Woman themed outfit.  I have several of Fanchromatic’s Firefly polishes on my nail polish rack and simply love them. Lasso of Truth might need to join them.

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters
I’m sure you’ve seen this art piece around. It’s the lovely “We Are All WonderWomen” design by the Satrun Sisters. This design speaks to so many people and is often shared (without giving the Sister’s their proper credit!). Be sure to check out their shop and all of their pieces featuring strong and amazing women.

Wonder Woman Tea – by Nerdfelt
I feel like I need a cup of this every morning! Black tea with mango, strawberry and pineapple? Sign me up. I’m adding this to my shopping cart right after the blog gets published.  It sounds delicious, Nerdfelt!

Wonder Woman KitchenAid Decals by Sunbeam Engraving
Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen, I feel like I’m Wonder Woman while juggling cooking, keeping a toddler away from the stove and breaking up the bickering of two preteens. Why not have my KitchenAid represent that?  I just wish I had a red or blue mixer to show them off better!

Real Life Wonder Woman Shirt by Boo Boo Bean
Yes. Is it wrong if I buy it for myself? I feel like the title should be bestowed upon someone. Add this one to your favorites for gift ideas for all of those real world Wonder Ladies that you know.

Wonder Woman Chainmail Skirt by DragonBroChainmail
So this might not be the most practical skirt for your everyday wear… but it’s just badass. I think I could rock it grocery shopping, right?  At the very least, a comicon costume could happen.

Have any handmade goodies to share?

Leave a comment with a link to any Wonder Woman themed goodies you make or love!  We’d like to see them.