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We are all Wonder Women.

Wonder Woman Necklace, Don’t kill if you can wound quoteHow good is the Wonder Woman movie, guys? I’m not going to give away specific spoilers but the No Mans Land scene.  Wow.  The imagery of Diana crossing the battle field for the first time was powerful. I love WW. I have since I was a child. Many of you understand it: she represents so much to so many women. To see her on screen taking fire and standing up to it, I felt like I was watching every uphill battle I’ve had to face in my life. I didn’t expect to shed tears during this movie, but I did.  I couldn’t help it!

Needless to say, Wonder Woman is my inspiration this week for a handmade feature.

Artisan Items For Wonder Women Everywhere

Wonder Woman Lip Balm (Inspired)Wonderful Woman Lip Balm by 42 Nerdtastic Place
I created this for our Nerdtastic Scents line and it has become one of my personal go to balms.  The blend of fig and brown sugar is a warm, sweet and definitely delicious.  I’ve now added an option for you to order it as a perfume or air freshener.

Lasso of Truth PolishLasso of Truth Nail Polish by Fanchromatic Nails
The gold shades used in this polish look like they would be the perfect touch to any Wonder Woman themed outfit.  I have several of Fanchromatic’s Firefly polishes on my nail polish rack and simply love them. Lasso of Truth might need to join them.

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters

We Are All Wonder Women by the Satrun Sisters
I’m sure you’ve seen this art piece around. It’s the lovely “We Are All WonderWomen” design by the Satrun Sisters. This design speaks to so many people and is often shared (without giving the Sister’s their proper credit!). Be sure to check out their shop and all of their pieces featuring strong and amazing women.

Wonder Woman Tea – by Nerdfelt
I feel like I need a cup of this every morning! Black tea with mango, strawberry and pineapple? Sign me up. I’m adding this to my shopping cart right after the blog gets published.  It sounds delicious, Nerdfelt!

Wonder Woman KitchenAid Decals by Sunbeam Engraving
Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen, I feel like I’m Wonder Woman while juggling cooking, keeping a toddler away from the stove and breaking up the bickering of two preteens. Why not have my KitchenAid represent that?  I just wish I had a red or blue mixer to show them off better!

Real Life Wonder Woman Shirt by Boo Boo Bean
Yes. Is it wrong if I buy it for myself? I feel like the title should be bestowed upon someone. Add this one to your favorites for gift ideas for all of those real world Wonder Ladies that you know.

Wonder Woman Chainmail Skirt by DragonBroChainmail
So this might not be the most practical skirt for your everyday wear… but it’s just badass. I think I could rock it grocery shopping, right?  At the very least, a comicon costume could happen.

Have any handmade goodies to share?

Leave a comment with a link to any Wonder Woman themed goodies you make or love!  We’d like to see them.

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What’s New: Scent of the Week

Hello my fellow nerds!

I’m going to be starting something new at the shop: Scent of the Week.  Every Wednesday, we are going to feature a new scent that will be 25% off for the week.  So if the blend comes in candles and perfume, it will all be discounted for you to stock up on.

Our first scent of the week is SMOAK, WEST AND WELLS.  Why?  Because we just finished some whirl wind of series finales! For those of you who are familiar with the Arrow-verse TV shows on the CW Network, you know that (Felicity) Smoak, (Iris) West, and (Harrison/HR) Wells had some scary, exciting and sad moments.  We pay tribute to all of our coffee swigging heroes.

SMOAK, WEST AND WELLS is a creamy nutmeg coffee blend.  You can purchase it in candle and wax melt form.  Get it now by clicking here

Stay nerd!
-Amanda aka Lady Jaye

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Memorial Day Weekend Gift!

Anybody who makes a purchase now through Monday will receive a free gift value between $5 and $10 with their purchase!  What is the gift, you ask? It’s a mystery!  It will range from jewelry to scented products to accessories.

No coupon codes are needed!  No purchase minimums!  Even if you buy one lip balm, you still get a freebie! This is my way of saying thanks to you for being incredible.

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It’s Doctor Who Week!


We absolutely love the good ol’ Doctor and his adventures.  So how else would we celebrate the premier of a new season?  New merchandise and a sale!

Doctor Who Sale

All of our Doctor Who merchandise is on sale until April 15th.  All you have to do is use coupon code WHONERD when you check out to receive 15% off your Whovian merchandise.  Currently we offer charm bracelets, necklaces, lip balm, perfume and candles!  Expect to see some new blends this week in our Doctor Who section.

Doctor Who Trivia

On Tuesday, April 11th, join the Very-Important-Nerd group on Facebook to participate in our Whovian trivia!

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New Air Freshener and Body Sprays

Every week, I am trying to add something new to the shop.  The week of February 26th sees three new air fresheners.  Did you know that our air freshener sprays can also be used as a body spray?  We love multi purpose items!

  • White Queen – This blend is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Chess, and the X-Men.  The scent is ‘Arctic Breeze’ and is a blend of mint, eucalyptus, jasmine and rose.
  • Young, Scrappy and Hungry – This blend is inspired by Hamilton.  The scent is a warm and sweet cherry tobacco.  Don’t worry, the tobacco is an undertone and not in your face with pipe smoke.
  • Defying Gravity – This blend is inspired by Wicked.  The scent is citrus basil which mirrors our Emerald City perfume oil.
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Wax Melts Are Here!

Kawaii as Heck Soy Wax Tarts

New Product Line

To continue with our scented products, wax melts have now been released!  Our melts are made with soy wax so they are clean melting and non-toxic.

We have nine scents available in this first round:

  • Time Travel Brew (Chocolate Caramel Coffee)
  • Together Breakfast (Pancakes Popcorn Strawberry)
  • Kawaii as Heck (Fruit and Cotton Candy)
  • Magical Girl (Wild Watermelon)
  • Tea Time (Green Tea)
  • Wizard Celebration (Butterscotch Cookie Dough)
  • Wonderland (Peach Cilantro)
  • Cup of Noodles (Ramen Soup)

You can purchase individual packs or pick three for a bundled discount.  Be sure to let us know how you like them.  Take @42NerdtasticPl on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Welcome to the New Shop!

Thank you to everybody who has supported nerdtastic® over the past four years!  Your support has given me the inspiration to evolve my once hobby into my full time business.  To continue to grow, I decided that a rebranding was in order.  42 Nerdtastic Place is still nerdtastic but a bigger and better space.

What’s with the new name? The short story: I feel like it’s a more artsy studio space name that allows me to organize my product lines the way I want them to be for all of you.  The long story: Names evolve and change over time.  Nerdtastic, at it’s core, is a feeling I always want to convey with my work.  We all nerd about something whether it’s book, movies or food.  42 is the ultimate nerd number (come on Hitchhiker fans, you know what I mean).  My handles for Twitter & Instagram were nerdtastic42; however, somebody was already using it on Facebook so I couldn’t make my social media consistent.  When I toyed with changing everything to 42Nerdtastic, it felt like a street address to me.  I’m an artisan and I like art studios… 42 Nerdtastic Place feels like the home of nerdy, pop culture art.  It also feels a little Harry Potter-esque.  And that is how I came up with it.  That’s the long winded explanation.

Will I still find all my favorite products? I will be keeping all of my most popular products and to keep 42 Nerdtastic Place going, I will be streamlining my designs.  My interests are with the scented lines (now called “nerdtastic® scents”) and metal manipulation lines (now called “42 stamps”).  For the time being, this is where my interests will stay focused.  This will also help you better find products you are looking for online and at events.  As always, I love custom work so you can contact me if you want a unique design that isn’t online or if you saw something at an event that isn’t on the website.